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Need Your Gutters Fixed FAST?

Oh no! Water is leaking out like a waterfall! 

That’s probably your predicament right now. Don’t worry we hear it all the time, like you, many homeowners and tenants take gutters for granted until they stop working. This is a nuisance since the effects of this problem trickles down to damaging your foundations, causing roof-damaging rot, rust, mould and more. If you’re looking for the ‘best gutter cleaning company near me’, then you have come to the right place!

The Most Trusted Gutter Cleaning in Queenstown!

We will provide you with effective gutter cleaning services to remove the stress out of the heavy rain and snow season.

gutter cleaning Queenstown

Complete gutter clean and unblock – Jacks Point

Roof Valley Cleanup and inspection – Frankton


Emergency gutter clean after heavy rain and storms – Queenstown

Dirt and grime gutter clean – Arrowtown

Gutter and roof buildup clean with pressure wash – Lake Hays


Deep gutter clean – Kawarau Falls


Heavy cleanup, unblock and inspection of drainwater pipes – Speargrass Flat

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Three reasons why Gutter Cleaning matters


Damage to your home

Leaves, twigs, debris, and dirt accumulation inside gutters can cause havoc to your property. Blocking the waterflow in the gutter system can lead to rust, rain pooling up or worst of all, leaking INSIDE of your home.



We all know the nastiness of mould and its unsightly consequences. Rain during different seasons will cause mould inside and outside of your home and damage everything around it. Don’t let it get to that stage!


Unwanted pests

Left unchecked, you could be attracting a whole range of unwanted pests in your roofing system and worse, inside your home. A blocked gutter or downpipe will invite pests such as mice, ants and birds to make it their home. 

Trusted since 2002

20 years and counting!

Gutter Cleaning Queenstown

Gutter Cleaning Queenstown has been in the industry since 2002. We have fixed and seen it all and we believe that these experiences have shaped who we are today.

In order to fulfil our promises to our customers, we make sure to invest in the latest tools and technology. The gutter cleaning process requires tedious manual work so it is essential that our licensed professional cleaners are equipped with new and improved tools to tackle any job.

We use advanced wet vacuum machines that enable our experts to reach every nook and cranny within the gutters sometimes without even having to use a ladder. We also have small wireless cameras attached to these machines so we can spot even the slightest issues in your gutter. 

Your Local Experienced Team

Trust matters..

We just don’t get the job done, rather, we make sure that our services are at its highest quality and done right. Because of this, our clients are regularly receiving our assistance to ensure that their gutters are well-maintained to prevent catastrophe.

You as a customer are the backbone of our business. That’s why, our goal is to have the best customer service in the gutter cleaning NZ market. Our mission is to save you time and also alleviate any danger associated with getting on your roof and doing it yourself. Our gutter cleaning services are all inclusive of inspection, cleaning and any fixing required.

Do not also hesitate to bombard us with questions and inquiries as we believe that all homeowners should be careful especially dealing with a job with risk of this nature. Our customer service representatives are here to give you the peace of mind and we will ensure that you are aware of every process before we proceed with any project request.

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"These guys have been cleaning our gutters for years, no fuss, professional and well worth the money."
- Michael A.


All Your Property Maintenance Services in One Place

How to clean gutters fast and why is it important? Every house requires a sound gutter system.

It protects your house from water disruption and prevents the foundation from weakening. When the water overflows inside your house, it can lead to rusting and damage. But due to leaves, twigs, debris, and dirt accumulation on the roof, it blocks the waterflow in the gutter system. Being proactive is necessary if you want to avoid any problems with your gutters. Don’t wait for an issue to arise before taking any action. With Peak to Peak Gutter Cleaning Queenstown, you don’t have to worry when the next big hailstorm arrives as our gutter maintenance services ensure your gutters can handle significant downpours.

We are experts in regularly cleaning your gutters, roofing valleys, and downpipes. We make sure that the water flow is pointed toward the right direction – far away from the inner corners of your home.

We also recommend that you receive gutter cleaning twice a year to prevent any potential problems on your property.

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